Project: Song Blog

Project: Song Blog

Some people write blogs.

Carmel writes songs.

May 14, 2012

Song Blog #5 “Ah, Belinda”

Project: Song Blog #5

“Ah, Belinda”

Music by Carmel Dean, Lyrics by Anna K. Jacobs

Performed by Jill Abramovitz

  1. Enrico de Trizio says:

    Beautiful song, awesome piano arrangement!

  2. Belinda Graves says:

    I love the song. My name is Belinda and there’s not a lot of songs with Belinda in them let alone titled “Belinda”, I couldn’t hear the words all real well over the piano but what I did hear I enjoyed. I was wandering if maybe you had another recorded version you could send fit me to listen to or the lyrics. Thank you. Beautiful voice and playing.

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