Project: Song Blog

Project: Song Blog

Some people write blogs.

Carmel writes songs.

November 17, 2012

Song Blog #10 Camp Little Notch

Project: Song Blog #10

“Camp Little Notch”

Music by Carmel Dean, Lyrics by Sarah Underwood

Performed by Kate Wetherhead

  1. Meredith Willmott says:

    Hi Carmel,

    DO I LOVE IT?? I LOVE IT!! Hope you are happy and well you look great and again I must say I love seeing you in these, makes me miss you though…

    Mere x

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love this! I absolutely love it. What a fantastic song.

  3. Douglas P. says:

    Oh Yeah, That’s a really good one, Carmel!!

  4. Mary Lynne Johnson says:

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving gift of such a beautiful and fun song. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. I know you have been so busy with all kinds of amazing work. Plan to see you one day soon. The snow is flying up here;) My best to Elan. Love you!

  5. seneca says:

    LOVE IT!!

    Loved going to Camp Little Notch with Sarah… she forgot to mention the beaver creations!!!

    Good performance- something I can see as part of Jo’s LN legacy 🙂

  6. Claire Dean says:

    That’s my girl!!

    Congratulations to both you and Kate!

    Next best thing to having you home performing in our lounge room.

    Go Aussie go! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!
    Mum xxxxx

  7. Christopher says:

    FANTASTIC! I DO love it! I DO!

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